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CostX Online Training Course

There is a learning curve with any new software, however with appropriate training, you will be able to hit the ground running and more effectively take advantage of many of the time-saving features that our CostX® products offer.

To ensure the success of your CostX® product investment, we provide a number of comprehensive online training courses for each of our products including:



Each online training course comprises of a number of modules including interactive exercises, videos, flowcharts and assessment tasks. These modules must be worked through sequentially, completing all sections before moving on as each subsequent module relies on data established in previous exercises. The exercises are based around the use of example files and templates which have been developed for demonstration and training purposes only.

To begin, log into your enrolled course and save the associated dataset files (It can be found within your course on the top of the page) to a location on your computer or network that may be accessed during the training course. If you are using an older version of CostX® you will be prompted to update the templates. When this request occurs, you should agree to update.

At the end of each module there is a quiz to complete. All questions must be correctly answered to move on the next module and to achieve a "pass".

Throughout this document you will see Process Flowchart references. These identify the relevant Process Flow Charts related to that particular section of the training.

If additional assistance is required, refer to the CostX® help files by pressing the F1 key, or by clicking the Help icon help in the top right hand corner of the CostX® screen.

CostX® is very easy to learn and use so after just a few hours of online training you’ll be up and running – but through regular use of CostX®, you’ll find that you are able to further develop your skills to really exploit its power and capabilities.

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These training modules will count towards AIQS CPD (6 hours).


These training modules will count towards RICS CPD (6 hours).


These training modules will count towards NZIQS CPD (6 hours).

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Learn CostX® at your own pace.

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